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He is a metaphysical Coach, yoga professor, writer of several books and since he was very young he seems to have found the secret hidden in the Tarot readings and in the hand lines.  
When he was 18 years old, he took part in a TV show where he captivated the audience due to his spiritual vision of the facts (inner guidance) and from then on he has devoted his life to the study and analysis of  the Oriental Philosophical thoughts and also to spread out  his message  throughout the  South American continent, such as Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Chile and Mexico, where he teaches people the techniques to modify the direction of their fate when it is  negatively affected, either modifying their attitudes, removing negative thoughts or just  dedicating more time to the yoga or meditation.

According to Javier : "Love, success, fortune and poverty leave their marks in the soul" and : "The tarot and the hand lines are bridges to reach the subconscious level  and the  soul and this is a fact already  known by all the mystery schools along the history" and he also asserts : "You can change the direction of your fate... but before that, you have  to know it first" , he ends up. 

Javier Di Vito is Metaphysical Coach, Lecturer, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, and Writer of five inspiring Self-Help Books. He has attended many outstanding radio and television shows, due to his popularity as metaphysical coach and because he passes on the principles of the most important spiritual guides. Javier's expertise in intuitive techniques and powerful intuitive abilities allows him to provide in-depth intuitive data about a wide range of business and personal areas. His message of encouragement and personal encouragement has already gone beyond the limits of Argentina, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Guatemala and Mexico. 
Founder of an innovative method that joins the techniques of the  East classic yoga, along with the meditation and focus therapies most  used in the West, aimed at helping  people to reduce stress and to achieve a full  and more satisfactory way of life. 
Nowadays he leads his own press column titled: "Ask Javier", which you can find in  his the Internet site Since year 2000, he is dedicated to the practice, study, and improvement and spreading of his creative synthesis, organized in a method scheme to which he called Di Vito Yoga and Meditation Method.


Do you any guidance in your work, emotional or spiritual life?  

Have access to the Online tarot consultation with Javier Di Vito 

It couldn’t be any simpler and convenient. 

 Now you can have a professional ,  personal and confidential  online consultation  with  Professor Javier Di Vito and his Online tarot  from any place of the world you are through Internet. His coaching and professional advice will help you to make the best of your personal skills and current life cycles.


The Tarot Cards are a powerful self-appraisal tool that have remained as time goes by like a real and true graphic art and they are  extremely practical to consult about feelings, love, intentions, work, friendships, relationships, projects, crisis, how a person is like, what you can expect from life, etc. Quick Questions and quick answers offer immediate and objective consultation results.

Now you can be at home,  just relaxing and chatting and also being in contact with Javier Di Vito, who will find the answers to your questions, he will place you in a context of already past experiences, he will tell you what kind of forces are present at this time of your life and the  future trends you may have to face. 

Javier's Online Tarot, avoids the categorical predictions, on the other hand, it will not only offers "future projections", but different techniques specially designed to recognize your own value, to free yourself from negative thoughts and to improve your personal growth.  
In this virtual interview Javier reads your concerns through your name and date of birth, he introduces you into the old archetypal wisdom stored in the secrets of the Tarot, he focuses your attention in the mental patterns that hamper your progress and he explains to you how can you turn this tool into a highly effective and accessible way to reach the self-appraisal. 

How to Purchase the Online Tarot Services with Javier? 

1. The Online Tarot consultation is identical to the personal session Javier offers since fifteen years in his home-office in Argentina. The unique difference is that the handling of Tarot Cards will be made by Javier, who will first read your email with five (5) questions and then he will give his advice and opinion about your specific problem.  
2. Requires having a valid e-mail account for contact. 
3. The session is wholly personalized and CONFIDENTIAL, you can send up to five (5) questions on the issue you have concern. If you ask about a different person you are required to send all the data you have about this person, full name and date of birth. You can ask about any issue you are interested in.  

 4. How to place an order: immediately after the payment confirmation of your consultation through Western Union (*) you will receive the answers within 48 or 72 hours in your e-mail account. 

4. After this step is made, you need to reconfirm us the satisfactory reception of your future projections. As from that moment,  you will be able to enjoy Javier's guidance and counseling, to tell your friends about the session and you will be surprised with his good wise and predictions he has made .

How useful is the online Tarot consultation with Javier? 

Javier gives future projections and answers all kind of questions in his tarot consultation, let's say: 
· Career or employment choice and selection 
· Emotional Compatibility 
· Investments and commercial transactions, coaching business, selling and attracting clients. 
· Projections before signing an agreement or closing a business deal. 
· Selection of staff and employees  Choosing the right people to work with.
· Compatibility with different therapies, methods and alternative treatments 
· Election of your personal color or the color for  a room or office 
· Election of the most positive product for your company. 
· Condition of the subtle bodies (chakras) 
· The best metaphysical counseling, mental control and treatment and counseling of the most outstanding masters of the East to work out daily problems or long-lasting difficulties. 

Arrange an online Tarot reading HERE
If you want to contract this service, BUY NOW  US$ 50.

(*)Steps  you should follow to pay your Online Consultation USING  Western Union: PAYMENT VIA WESTERN UNION
In  orden to contract the online services you should send U$S 50 (Fifty American Dollars)
Read carefully the following steps :

1º) You should visit a Western Union office in any place of the world.
If you want to know which is the closest to your place Click Here "Agencies"

2º) Fill in the Form "To send Money" with the following data:
Name: Adrián Javier Di Vito
Address: Arias 3152
CP 1429 - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Phone: (00 54 11) 4542-2352

3º) You need to pay in cash, including the  cost of shipping and all applicable charges. You may be required ID.  Extra Restrictions may be applied.

4º) Get the receipt that contains the money transfer control identification (number) (MTCN).

5º) Once the transfer is done, send an e-mail to
along with five (5) questions and the details of the transaction.

    - Transfer Control Number (MTCN) via E-mail
    - Name and Surname of the person who carries out the transfer of Money.
    -  Phone Number
    - City, District, Country
    - Amount of Dollars sent.


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